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City & County Officials


Joyce Farar

Tim Harrington

Bobby Farney

Wanda Ray

Shirley Graves

Billy Elkins

Cindy Bunch

Justin Anderson

Gary Cunha

Jay Elliott

Nita Wuebker

Bill Shipp

Jeremy Hack

Lisa Faulkner

Judge M. Elliott

Jerry Wood


Mayor Pro Tem
City Secretary
City Attorney for Golinda
Municipal Court Judge for Golinda
County Judge/Falls County
County Commissioner - precinct 4
City Building Inspector
Falls County Septic Inspector

Administrative Assistant

JP, Precinct 4 Falls County

Constable Precinct 4 Falls County

Phone for all:

(254) 881-7333

For any emails to council members, please put the name of the council members in the subject line. Please leave a brief message and your contact information and the email will be given to the correct council member.

Also call City Hall leave a message for the Council and the message will be delivered.

City of Golinda
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